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April 9, 2017
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April 13, 2017
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The jumps and the halfpipe are what traditionally stand out when thinking of the Mammoth parks. They have sick rails with proper setups and good variety—but the jumps are really what set Mammoth apart. They’re built by snowboarders who know what’s good— poppy, but not aggressive, and the landings match the takeoffs so you come down easy even on the 80-footers. Another way of saying this is that it feels safe going bigger and bigger. Our guys would start the day off in South Park, lapping the 18-foot pipe, the BMX track and medium jumps. Then as the day went on and the snow softened up more and more, they’d start lapping the jump lines and rails in Main Park. The laps there are fast and since the lift is right over the park, you never leave the headspace. Late spring afternoon, lapping a slushy Mammoth park with a beer in hand, is damn hard to beat.

Thanks to TJ Dawoud, Lauren Burke, and the rest of the Mammoth Unbound crew for having us.

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